Incorporating through Ownr

You get more than just a simple incorporation with Ownr

Written by Jordan Casey
Updated over a week ago

With Ownr, you get much more than a simple incorporation. The "Digital Minute Book" package includes four core services:

  1. Incorporation of your company with the Government: Including your Certificate of Incorporation and filed Articles of Incorporation. 

  2. All Company Formation Documents: Company Bylaws, shareholder and director resolutions, share issuances, and more are all automated through Ownr. This means that you'll get all the documents that you would normally get if you went to a law firm, tailored to your business, saving you time and hundreds of dollars in the process.

  3. Automatic Company Updates: Anytime your company details change (like when you want to add a new director or change your address), Ownr automatically takes care of the paperwork: automatically filing forms with the government, preparing the required corporate resolutions, gathering eSignatures, and securely storing all documents back into your account.

  4. Secure & Organized Storage: Once you've incorporated, all your company's legal documents are organized and securely stored in your Ownr account.

Plus, after your company's first anniversary, Ownr will automatically prepare your company's Annual Return, file it with the Government, as well as prepare all necessary shareholder and director resolutions, gather eSignatures, and save all documents into your Ownr account. This ensures your company is legally compliant year after year. 

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