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Notice of Termination

How to update your Ownr dashboard when an employee or contractor is terminated or has resigned.

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If you’ve added an employee or contractor to your Ownr dashboard, you can mark them as “terminated” if they no longer work for your company.

To mark an individual as “terminated” click on “Employees” in your Ownr dashboard. If the individual is a contractor, then choose “Contractors” below.

Next to the person’s name, click the drop-down arrow (^) and then “Terminate”.

If you’re terminating an employee, you’ll indicate whether the person is “Resigning” or “Being Terminated”. “Resigning” means that the employee initiated the resignation. “Being Terminated” means that your company, as employer, terminated the employee.

Then indicate the person’s last day of work and click “Submit”.

If you’re terminating a contractor, you’ll simply be asked to input the Termination date, which is the person’s last day of work, and then click “Submit”.

The person’s Status will then show up as “Terminated” in your Ownr dashboard.

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