Adding an Officer

Officers are important for the day-to-day operations of your business. They have a duty of care to ensure your company is being managed properly. If you want to learn more about an officer's role, just click here.

When adding an office, you'll have the option to create a position or select an existing one.

To add an officer to your company, simply visit your Dashboard -> click Organization -> Officers -> Add New Position to add a new position or Add President to add another president.

We send the necessary documents directly to all relevant parties for signing through our eSignature tool. Once everyone has finished signing, you can see your new Officer and all corresponding documents under Organization -> Officers/Minute Book.

Adding a New Officer Position

Ownr pre-populates your officer positions for 'President' and 'Secretary'. However, you can create a new position by visiting Dashboard -> Organization -> Officers -> add Officer. When prompted to add a position, simply type the desired position and press enter. This will create a new officer position which can be assigned to your desired person and submitted.

A director resolution will be prepared and sent out for signing using our eSignature tool. After the necessary signatures have been collected you will be able to see the updated changes under Organization -> Officers/Minute Book.

Editing an Officer's Contact Information

To edit an officer's information, simply visit the Officer tab -> select desired Officer dropdown -> Edit Contact Info. Once the new information is in place, click Save, and the changes will be made.

Removing an Officer

When removing an officer from your business, visit the Officer's tab -> select the officer dropdown of the officer you'd like to remove -> select Remove. Once you've verified the officer you would like to remove, a Directors Resolution will be automatically sent out for eSigning. Once all the forms are signed by participating Directors, the changes will be shown in Dashboard-> Organization-> Officers/Minute Book.

Note: All corporations must have at least one President and one Secretary. You'll notice that here you only have the options to Replace either one of the two, rather than being given the option to Remove.

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