How To Add Users to Ownr

Adding new users is easy on Ownr

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It's easy to add new users to your company on Ownr.

First, visit and access your 'Dashboard'

Second, select 'Settings' -> 'Users' -> 'Invite User'

Once you've added the user, you can select the level of access they receive:

  • View - Users will only be able to see articles, download documents, and agreements.

  • View & Edit - Users will be able to view and edit information such as corporate/shareholder/director information and issuing shares, assigning contracts, and establishing new documents

  • Administrator - Users are provided the full suite of authorization included under 'View & Edit', plus the ability to add and remove user accounts as well as administer billing and subscription information

Once you invite a user, they will receive a separate email directly from Ownr, inviting them to create an account with their own unique login and password.

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