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Annual Returns

How to complete your Annual Return on Ownr

Written by Jordan Casey
Updated over a week ago

What is an Annual Return?

An Annual Return is a mandatory filing requirement that ensures the corporation's information is up-to-date on the corporate public record. Every corporation must file an annual return each year.

Failure to file an Annual Return within 60 days of the corporation's anniversary may result in the automatic dissolution of the corporation.

Before the Annual Return is filed with the government, there are legally required corporate resolutions that must be prepared to acknowledge the corporation's financial statements, confirm the corporation's officers and directors, and approve other corporate acts taken throughout the year.

Filing your Annual Return on Ownr

On Ownr, it is simple to prepare and file your Annual Return and accompanying Director and Shareholder Resolutions.

Simply log into your account and click on ORGANIZATION -> Annual Returns:

Here you can find Annual Returns that were previously filed along with Annual Returns that are upcoming.

When it's time to file your Annual Return, click "File Annual Return" beside the relevant year:

Then you'll be prompted to answer some questions about your business.

Most small businesses will not have held an annual shareholders meeting or appointed an auditor. In that case, indicate that your business 'has not' held a meeting or appointed an auditor, then Ownr will prepare all annual shareholder and director resolutions for your business automatically.

After you answer the questions and click 'NEXT' you'll review and sign the Annual Return form and accompanying Shareholder and Director Resolutions.

Ownr Makes Annual Returns Easy—we just showed you!

Save yourself the headaches and let Ownr do all the hard legal work, including filing your annual returns. Register or incorporate your business today!

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