Federal Articles of Incorporation

Understanding your Federal Articles and why they are important when onboarding your company to Ownr

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Your Articles of Incorporation include your Corporate Information Sheet, Certificate of Incorporation, Form 1, Schedules A, B & C, and Form 2. 

An example of the first page of your Articles can be found below:

Corporate Information Sheet

Corporations Canada provides every incorporated business with their own information from the initial registration. This information is required when making changes to your corporation or for tax purposes. It will include information such as:

  • Corporation Number

  • Corporation Key

  • Incorporation Date

  • Anniversary Date

  • Annual Return Filing Date

If you can't find your Corporation Key, you can easily request a new Corporation Key here:

Certificate of Incorporation

A Certificate of Incorporation is much like a birth certificate for your incorporated business. It will hold the date of incorporation, a uniquely assigned corporation number, and the full name of the company.

Form 1: Articles of Incorporation

Form 1 includes a few key pieces of your incorporated business such as: Schedules A, B, and C, the minimum and maximum number of directors your company can have, and the types of business restrictions your business might have.

Schedule A: Authorized Share Classes

Schedule A lists the types of share classes that your company has the authority to issue to shareholders. 

Learn more about shares classes, and their intended uses here.  

Schedule B: Restrictions on Share Transfers

Schedule B is a document labelling the types of restrictions regarding the sale and transfer of shares.

Schedule C: Other Provisions

Schedule C includes other provisions for your business.

Form 2 

Form 2 lists the Registered Head Office and the company's first Board of Directors.

With Ownr, entrepreneurs have the ability to add/edit/remove directors while having all the necessary filings and registrations handled automatically. 

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