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Onboarding your Ontario-based Company on to Ownr
Onboarding your Ontario-based Company on to Ownr

How to Onboard Your Ontario Company on Ownr

Written by Jordan Casey
Updated over a week ago

If you’ve already incorporated your company, you can still take advantage of the Ownr platform features by onboarding your company to Ownr, including;

  • Annual Return Compliance Package

  • Digital Minute Book

  • Corporate changes

  • Secure cloud storage accessible any time

What Type of Companies can be Onboarded to Ownr?

Ownr currently accepts incorporated companies that are registered in the following jurisdictions:

  • Federally registered in Canada and extra-provincially registered in Ontario

  • Provincially registered in Ontario

  • Provincially registered in Alberta

  • Provincially registered in BC

This article explains how to onboard either provincial or federal corporations based in Ontario. Please see our other articles for instructions on how to onboard an Alberta corporation and a BC corporation.

We are adding tools to expand throughout Canada and bring our digital legal platform to everyone. If Ownr is not available in your jurisdiction, signup to our newsletter here to be the first to know when we launch in your area!

How Do I Start Onboarding?

Visit, choose your country and province, and then choose Existing. Enter your company name in the Company Search page, and follow the prompts to complete your onboarding.

Note: Ontario provincial corporations must be onboarded during regular business hours.

Why Can't I Modify my Company's Directors?

Ownr automatically populates your company account with the directors registered with Corporations Canada. If your directors have changed, you will first need to input the information as it is registered with Corporations Canada. Then, after you have fully onboarded your company, you will be able to make amendments to your board of directors through your Ownr account. Read this article on how to add/edit/remove directors in your Ownr account.

Additional Documents

You can upload additional documents to your Ownr account during the onboarding process. You can do so by going to Documents > Upload Existing from your Ownr Dashboard.

If your company has employment agreements, convertible notes or SAFEs, it's best to wait until your company has completed onboarding. That way we can capture all the relevant data associated with these agreements when you upload them to their dedicated section in your Ownr account.

If you can't find all of your documents now, no need to worry! You'll also have the ability to add additional documents to your Ownr account after onboarding on an ongoing basis.

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