It's easy to amend your Articles of Incorporation on Ownr for a federal incorporation. At this time we are not able to amend the Articles of a provincial incorporation.

It's important to note that when making any change to your Articles, you have the opportunity to make changes to the other structural elements of your corporation (items listed 1 through 5 below).

All changes to your Articles on Ownr include filings with the Government registry, requisite NUANS name search reports (if applicable), and corresponding Special Shareholders Resolution.

1. Changing the Corporation's Name

To change your corporation's name, simply click 'ORGANIZATION' in your Ownr account and then 'Company Info'. You will then have the option of starting the process to amend your corporation's name. 

After clicking 'Change Name', you'll be asked to confirm that you would like to proceed with amending your Articles.

To change the corporation's name, click "Make Changes" in the top right corner:

2. Changing the Minimum and Maximum Number of Directors

To change the minimum and/or maximum number of directors, follow the same steps as changing your corporation's name:
ORGANIZATION -> Company Info -> Change Name

You will then be able to amend your minimum and maximum number of directors in section 2 "Director Limits":

To change your corporation's director limits, click "Make Changes" in the top right corner:

3. Changing the Corporation's Share Classes

To change your corporation's share classes, click 'SHARES' in your Ownr account and then 'Share Classes'. You can then click 'Change Share Classes' to start the process. 

To change the corporation's share classes, click "Make Changes" in the top right corner:

4. Changes to Issued Shares

In the event a share class is deleted or the name of a share class is changed and shares have already been issued on the original share class, then you will be asked to indicate what class of shares the existing shares will change to:

5. Restriction on Share Transfers & Other Provisions

‘Restriction on Share Transfers’ will be replaced entirely to state that any sale/transfer of shares will require approval by a majority of shareholders or directors.

‘Other Provisions’ will be replaced entirely to state the company is a “private issuer” with fewer than 50 shareholders, and any sale of shares will be to categories of persons permitted under securities laws.

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