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How To Register for GST/HST

How do you register for GST/HST on Ownr?

Written by Jordan Casey
Updated over a week ago

How you register for an GST/HST number depends on the type of business you have.

Please note that the GST/HST registration through Ownr is not currently available in Quebec. For tax related numbers, you will need to register directly with:

GST/HST registration for Corporations

Corporations can register directly on Ownr by clicking on 'Organization' and then 'Company Info'. Under 'Organization Information' click 'Add GST/HST Number'. If the button is greyed out, please check that nothing is pending in your Ownr Dashboard, and that you have the correct privileges to action the company, such as "Write" permission.

You will be asked to answer questions that help confirm your personal identity to register for Federal Government Program Accounts. You can also take this opportunity to register for a Payroll number at no additional charge.

You can also register directly online with the Government of Canada for GST/HST.

Please note that you must have a CRA business number before you can register for the GST/HST number.

Already have an old GST/HST Number?

If you already have a GST/HST number for your Sole Proprietorship or Partnership, you'll need to get a new account now that you've incorporated. This is because your old GST/HST number is attached to you as a Sole Proprietor / Partnership.

GST/HST registration for Sole Proprietorships

Sole Proprietorships can obtain their GST/HST number by requesting it directly from the CRA. The CRA Small Business Team can be reached at 1-800-959-5525. This service is free of charge.

Note: After you register, you must begin charging GST/HST to your clients.

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