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How to Add Vesting to Share Issuances
How to Add Vesting to Share Issuances

Learn how to make your share issuances vest over time on Ownr.

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Share vesting allows a company to issue shares with the caveat that these shares can be reclaimed by the company if the shareholder resigns before the shares have vested. This is particularly useful in ensuring a shareholder remains committed to the company for longer periods of time.

On Ownr's Managed Company Plan with the Shareholders Add-on, you can add vesting provisions to issuances while structuring your company and after it has been incorporated. 

During the incorporation/onboarding process, click "Switch to Advanced Mode" at the Shareholders step.

Then you will need to confirm the Share Classes by clicking 'Next'. Then you will arrive at the Shareholders screen. You can click on the name of any shareholder to expand their profile. From here, simply click "Add Vesting" to apply vesting to any existing share issuance.

You can change the frequency, vesting period and cliff period.

After incorporating, vesting can can be added to any issuance simply by clicking the "Add Vesting" button when issuing new shares. All the same customization options apply here.

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