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How to Upgrade Your Subscription on Ownr

How to upgrade or downgrade your subscription, including adding and removing add-ons.

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Ownr offers two different plans to choose from. 

The Online Minute Book Plan allows users to incorporate and organize their company, file annual returns, make corporate changes, such as adding and removing officers or director and changing the registered address [each for an additional fee], and provides an online database where all documents are stored. 

The second option is the Managed Corporation Plan, which offers all the same perks as the Online Minute Book Plan, plus addition features such as unlimited support, Ownr's legal agreement library, unlimited no-charge corporate changes to directors, officers and registered address, and access to add-ons. These add-ons allow users to take further control of their company by managing shareholders, employees, and creating Employee Stock Option Plans.

The minimum subscription period for any plan is one year, but you can upgrade at any time. If you upgrade, you will be refunded for any unused time on your previous plan and your one-year subscription will start on the current date.

To change your subscription, navigate to the "Subscription" page located under the "Settings" tab on the left side of your dashboard.

From here, you can upgrade or cancel your subscription. 

If you are on the Managed Corporation Plan, you will have the ability to select add-ons. The Shareholders add-on allows you to add three shareholders to your company, and unlocks additional features such as share issuances and transfers, convertible notes, shareholder agreements, and more. If your company requires more than three shareholders, you can add more by using the arrows to select the appropriate amount, then click "Save" when you're done.

Similarly, the Employees add-on allows you to add three employees or contractors to your company and unlocks additional features such as employment agreements, termination agreements, and more. Again, you can use the slider to add more employees if three is not enough.

Finally, can add an Employee Stock Option Plan to your company. This requires you to have purchased to Managed Shareholders add-on.

If you decide you no longer need an add-on, click "Change Subscription" and then either the "Remove" button on the add-on or the "Downgrade Subscription" button and it will be removed from your subscription.

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