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Deleting an Unfinished Company on Ownr

How to remove an unfinished company from your Ownr Dashboard

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Any company can be easily removed from your Ownr Dashboard provided you have not yet paid for a plan. Follow these steps to delete your company:

1. Click on the name of your active company to expand the dropdown menu at the top left of your dashboard. Select the company that you wish to delete. If the company is already selected or you only have one company linked to your Ownr account, you can skip this step.

2. With the unwanted company selected, navigate to the "Settings" tab using the menu along the left side of your screen. Under the subscription settings, there will be a link to "Delete This Company." 

3. Click this link and a confirmation window will appear. You will need to enter your company name, exactly as it appears. This is case-sensitive and must include the company's legal ending. Doing so will make the "Delete" button turn from grey to red. 

4. Click the "Delete" button and the company will be permanently removed from your Ownr account.

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