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Why Would I Choose Ownr Versus Registering With the Government or a Lawyer?
Why Would I Choose Ownr Versus Registering With the Government or a Lawyer?
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Ownr’s mission is to make it simpler and more affordable for businesses to start and succeed. We help save entrepreneurs time and money, while reducing the complexity of registering and maintaining a company.

Compared to registering with the government, we make the process easy and provide support along the way. When you file through the government, you have to obtain the correct forms, fill them out perfectly, and then file them yourself. Ownr removes all of the legal jargon from the process and only asks you for the information required. Our platform provides explanations along the way, and our Customer Success Team is available to help you with any questions you may have.

Incorporating on Ownr also gets you the mandatory minute book documents, which the government does not provide. All of your corporate information and documents are stored in your secure Ownr dashboard, and can be accessed at any time.

Compared to hiring a lawyer, Ownr saves you time and thousands of dollars. We provide you with the full incorporation, mandatory minute book documents, annual legal compliance package, corporate changes, and much more. Lawyers charge for each of these services, typically by the minute. With Ownr you pay an upfront fee for incorporation, and a subscription fee that allows you to do all of this for much less.

You’ll also save time. Entrepreneurs using Ownr typically save 2 hours incorporating their business. Our smart technology makes it easy to fill out the required information, compared to working with a lawyer, and needing to send information back and forth to get set up.

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