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How Do I Get the CRA Business Number?

How you get the Business Number depends on the type of business you have.

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Once your company is registered or incorporated, a business number will be automatically assigned by the CRA.

In most cases, the business number is assigned as soon as your registration or incorporation is complete. For Ontario Corporations it can take up to 4 business days for the business number to be assigned. Once assigned, the number will be listed in your Ownr dashboard for your convenience.

If you do not see the Business Number in your Ownr dashboard after four business days, this indicates the CRA has authorized you to continue using the Business Number that had been assigned to you previously. This previous Business Number could have been issued under your personal name, or to a sole proprietorship you registered previously.

If you do not see your Business Number in your Ownr dashboard after four business days and have never been assigned a Business Number previously, you can contact the applicable business registry for more information, or apply for a Business Number directly with the CRA.

For more information on the business number, see the article Where's My Business Number?

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