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Creating New Documents in Ownr
Creating New Documents in Ownr

Growing Company members can easily create new agreements right in Ownr

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Ownr customers on our 'Managed Corporation' plan can create agreements and documents at the tip of their fingers!

With our 'Managed Corporation' solution, you can easily custom tailor documents to fit your business. Let's have a look at just how easy it is:

First, while in your 'Dashboard' select 'Documents' on the menu located on the left.

From here, you will be taken to the area of your 'Dashboard' that allows you to view all corresponding documents pertaining to your company. Then, select 'Create Document' or 'New Document' to move to the next step:

Which Brings You To:

Under the 'New Document' tab you'll be able to select the documents and agreements that best suit your business's needs.

Once you select a document, you'll be prompted with a document review screen that sets out the common use cases for the document, items to consider, and tips when answering questions on Ownr.

Once you click 'Create Document', you will then be prompted with specific questions about your business and how you intend to use the document. These questions are dynamic and change based on your answers.

After answering all the questions, and submitting, you'll be asked to either:

  • 'Submit' which will prepare the final document and send it via email to the appropriate parties for signing through our eSignature tool

  • 'Save and Quit' which will save your document as a draft and keep it in your 'New Document' folder.

Once all parties have signed the document, your Dashboard will automatically update and the final document will be saved under your 'Documents' tab.

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