If for any reason you have decided to no longer manage your company with Ownr, there are some important protocol you should follow to ensure you have the necessary documents and records to keep your company compliant.

Firstly, make sure to download all of your Minute Book documents. These can be accessed in the "Minute Book" tab under "Organization." Click the cloud icon to download a document.

Additional documents that you have created through Ownr or uploaded to your Ownr account can be located in the "Documents" tab. Likewise, these can be downloaded by clicking the cloud icon.

Next, download your Cap Table from the "Shares" tab. This can be done simply by pressing the "Export Cap Table" button. Your entire registry of shares will be downloaded in spreadsheet format. 

Finally, cancel your Ownr subscription. To do so, go to the settings tab and click the button labeled either "Subscription". Then select "Edit" in the top right corner. In the pop-up, select "Cancel Plan". Your subscription will remain active for the remainder of your subscription period, but will not be renewed on the expiration date. You will be unable to access your documents and cap table after your subscription has expired.

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