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RBC Business Bank Account Setup: Next Steps (Multiple Owners)
RBC Business Bank Account Setup: Next Steps (Multiple Owners)
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Now that your business is registered and you’ve completed your final review, our team will connect with your local RBC branch to begin creating your RBC Business bank account. Consent to a credit check must be obtained from all individuals who will have access to the bank account (including Directors, and shareholders of 25% ownership or more).

Through your Ownr dashboard, you can track:

  • The status of your incorporation

  • Signatures required for your legal formation documents

  • The status of your business bank account

The business bank account setup requires a visit to an RBC branch to sign documents and verify ID. Our team will book an appointment at the preferred time and branch location you’ve selected. The main document you will need to bring to your bank appointment to set up your account is your Articles of Incorporation. You can find this document in the ‘Organization’ tab of your Ownr Dashboard.

Any directors, shareholders with 25% ownership in the company or more, or whoever will require banking access will be required to attend that visit physically in the branch.

It is highly recommended that all individuals who require access to the bank account attend the RBC appointment in the branch, at the same time and location. If that is not possible then the RBC advisor will forward documents that require signatures to the nearest RBC branch of the remaining company members.

While at your appointment, be sure to ask your advisor about other RBC offers to help manage and grow your business. These include:

Request Rebate: Once the account has been completed in the branch, the $300 rebate can be requested from your Ownr dashboard by clicking the ‘Refund Me’ button. It will take 7 - 10 business days for the funds to appear in the business account.

For other next steps pertaining to your business registration, check out these 6 things to do after incorporation

If you have any questions, contact our customer success team at [email protected]

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